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भारतीय सनातन संस्कृति विश्व की अन्य सभी संस्कृतियों की जननी है। इस वैदिक संस्कृति ने सदियों से सम्पूर्ण विश्व को मानवता के उत्थान की ओर अग्रसर करने का सतत् प्रयास किया है। अध्यात्म, दर्शन, वेद-पुराण, ज्योतिष, वास्तु आदि इस दिव्य संस्कृति के अभिन्न अंग हैं।

‘दिव्य वैदिक संदेश’ नामक पत्र का उद्देश्य समाज में वैदिक संस्कृति का प्रचार एवं प्रसार है। यह पत्र विविध धार्मिक जानकारियों, रोचक तथ्यों, नैतिक शिक्षा एवं राष्ट्र भक्ति से ओत-प्रोत है। यह पत्र जीवन में धर्म के महत्व एवं विज्ञान के साथ इसके सम्बन्ध पर महत्व देता है। पत्र का प्रकाशन मासिक अन्तराल पर होता है। इसकी भाषा सरल हिंदी एवं अंग्रेजी है।

Great Indian Sanatan Culture is mother of all the Cultures. The Vedic Culture has been enlightening the human life regularly. Spirituality, Astrology and Vastu Science are its integral parts. On the one hand spirituality clears the path to God, on the other Astrology and Vastu Science support us to get rid of the old bad karmas rapidly in order to progress faster towards God. It is our motto to make all the people aware about the scientific aspect of the intricacy of Indian Culture through this divine newspaper.

In Indian astrology Saturn, has a very special and respectable place in all the planets. He is the son of a great luminary, the king of all the planets Sun and his wife Chhaya. Saturn is the lord of justice and is a great devotee of God Krishna. He has a special abode at Kokilavan in Braj-Bhoomi. Lord Shankar is the Guru of Saturn.

The starting of Divya Shani Prasannta Patra……. 

In July 2007, the great disciple of Lord Saturn, Sh. Manu Tygai had a dream wherein the Lord Shani himself ordered him to release a magazine on Hindu Mythology in order to keep people away from sins and all other negative activities. Shanidev expressed that this act will make him 'Happy'. In the morning Tyagi ji told about his dream to Sh. Vijender Goel, who is the editor of this magazine. Both the disciples prayed God to enlighten them to fulfill the dream. Hence, Divya Shani Prasannta Patra came into publication.

In the native chart (Horoscope), if a person is facing hardships and passing through sufferings due to the Sadhe Sati, Dhaiya or unfavourable Saturn Dasha, the appeasement and the propitiation of Lord Saturn is necessary. If Saturn is happy, the Lord can excuse all our sins without punishment and can bestow all the benedictions in our life. To pacify Shanidev (Lord Saturn) chant this Mantra “Om Pram Prim Prom Sah Shanye Namah” 108 times in a day. To make Lord Saturn happy, forward this 'Divya Shani Prasnnata Patra' to at least eight people every month and motivate others to do so. The other way, you can make your contributions to this auspicious cause by giving advertisements in this divine newspaper “Divya Shani Prasannta Patra”.

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