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Welcome to "Hindu Sanskriti Darshan", which aims to spread awareness of Hindu culture and spirituality among its readers. In a world where people are riding the wave of modernity, this website is a unique initiative, undertaken to uphold the timeless values and virtues of Hindu 'sanskriti' (culture) so that these are not forgotten with the fast changing times. Through interesting articles, enlightened thoughts, latest news and much more, you can have deep insights into our mythological texts, wisdom of our ancestors and multidimensional aspects of our celebrated culture.

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बहा दो प्रेम की गंगा, दिलों में प्रेम का सागर।
हमें आपस में मिल-जुलकर, प्रभु रहना सिखा देना।।
दिव्य वैदिक संदेश

Thought of the Day

जब हम क्रोध की अग्नि में जलते हैं तो इसका धुँआ हमारी ही आँखों में जाता है!

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